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Latest Issues

    D O-I T-Y O U R S E L F  P R O J E C T S

Daytime Running Lights Controller

The purpose of the circuit presented here is to activate DRLs on any lighting that uses LED and/or incandescent bulb in a vehicle.

Four-Channel Video and Audio Sequencer

Presented here is a simple circuit for switching your CCTV camera outputs sequentially. It switches four video and audio channels sequentially, one at a time.

Arduino-based RF Controlled Robot

Here we present a simple Arduino-board based robot that can be driven remotely using an RF remote control. This robot can be built very quickly in a small budget.

Faraday's Guitar

Presented here is an electronic circuit that demonstrates Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction and gives musical output.

1kW Sine Wave Inverter

Here we present a simple inverter circuit that produces 50Hz quasi sine-wave output using a single IC CD4047 and some discrete components, which makes it a very cost-effective solution.

Sequential Timer for DC Motor Control

Sequential timer is a widely used circuit in industrial plants because most industrial processes are chain reaction type. That means as one process ends, it triggers the next.

PC-Based GPS Receiver

Presented here is a PC-based GPS receiver that lets you find the location of a place and also gives the standard time on your PC. It may be useful in remote areas where no other wireless network for mobile and the Internet is available.

GPS- and GSM-Based Vehicle Tracking System

Presented here is a microcontroller-based project for tracking a vehicle using global positioning system (GPS) and global system for mobile communication (GSM).

Electronic Card Lock for Appliances

The circuit presented here can be used as a lock for important electronic and electrical appliances. When a card is inserted inside its mechanism, depending upon the positions of the holes punched on the card, a particular appliance is switched on.

AVR Bootloader Circuit for Trouble-free Programming

There are many ways to program the AVR microcontrollers, such as in-system programming, parallel programming and using bootloader. Advantage with the bootloader method is that you don’t need any external hardware to load the hex file on the microcontroller. A bootloader program is placed inside the boot section of the Flash memory, to handle communication with the host PC and facilitate programming of both Flash and EEPROM.

Simple Line-Following Robot

Here we describe a line-follower robot without microcontroller for those who are not familiar with microcontrollers.

Anti-Carjack System

Carjacking can be prevented using the anti-carjack system described here. The circuit automatically senses carjacking and stops the vehicle. In case the circuit is accidentally tripped off, it can be easily reset using a hidden switch. Two LEDs indicate the status of the system to the vehicle driver.

RF-Based Multiple Device Control Using Microcontroller

Here we describe how to control electrical and electronic gadgets from a remote location using radio frequency (RF) transmission. An RF interface is used instead of infrared (IR) to avoid the drawbacks of an IR interface

Calculator Using Postfix Notation

Presented here is a handy postfix notation system that can do your calculations in practically no time, and that too without changing the source code. It can even handle parenthesis and algebraic operator precedence.

Android Phone-Controlled Robot

Android smartphones are undoubtedly the most popular gadgets these days. You will find various apps on the Internet that exploit inbuilt hardware in these mobile phones, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, to control other devices. Presented here is a robot that can be controlled using an app running on an Android phone.

RTC-based Event Logger

In this event logger article, we also demonstrate the use of a DS1307 real-time clock (RTC) chip, switches and an LCD module. The RTC chip provides time components of hours, minutes and seconds in addition to the year, month and day.

Smart Solar Charger

Here we present the circuit of a highly efficient, automatic solar charger based on PIC16F877A microcontroller. It shows the system status on an LCD and can trickle charge.

Standalone GPS Receiver with LCD Display

This AVR microcontroller-based global positioning system (GPS) receiver can be used to find the exact location of a place and know its standard time.It provides the data corresponding to its position on international standard latitude-longitude basis and also the standard coordinated universal time (UTC) along with some more information received from the nearest satellite assigned for this purpose.

Soccer Robot

This soccer robot can move forward, reverse, forward-left, forward-right, reverse-left and reverse-right with the help of an Android phone. The speed of its movement is controlled by the angle of rotation of the phone.

Weather Logger

Presented here is a personal weather logger whose various transducers are used to log weather data such as humidity, atmospheric pressure and temperature. The data is transferred to PC where it is displayed as a graph for analysis.

Energy Meter

Presented here is a simple energy meter using Analog Device’s ADE7757 chip for single-phase, 2-wire (phase and neutral) systems used in households.

Colour-Sensing Robot with MATLAB

Presented here is a MATLAB-based project where images taken by the camera are processed for colours and the position of a red-coloured object is extracted out of the image.

Web-Based Water-Level Monitor and Pump Controller

Presented here is a Web-based water-level monitor and motor-pump controller using ATmega128 microcontroller, Ethernet controller ENC28J60 and TCP-IP protocol. The design involves the use of port-forwarding facility of broadband modem or router.

Arduino-Controlled Namaste Greeting Robot

The concept of controlling various servo motors through Arduino Uno board is introduced here with a fun project called 'namaste robot.' The robot turns its head by 180 degree and scans people in its range using an ultrasonic module.

Solar-Powered Home Lighting System

This project suggests a system that uses solar power and LED lighting technology in a more efficient way.

RF-Controlled Aircraft

Presented here is a remote-controlled aircraft project based on Arduino and 433MHz RF modules controlling a brushless DC motor and three servo motors.

Programmable Interval Timer for Live Shows

Presented here is a microcontroller-based special-purpose programmable interval timer for live shows and competitions to record time while the contestants are performing.

Serial LCD Module

The presented serial LCD module can convert any 16×2 alphanumeric LCD display to a serial LCD which communicates with the main controller using serial communication technique.

Car-Reversing Audio-Visual Alarm

Here is a simple car-parking alarm circuit based on an AVR microcontroller and an ultrasonic module. The circuit will alert you while you are reversing your car for parking, if there is any obstacle, through an audio-visual alarm.

Microcontroller-Based morse Code Encoder

Morse code is a method of transmitting textual information as a series of on-off tones, lights or clicks that can be directly understood by a trained listener without using any special equipment. The International Morse Code encodes alphabets, numerals and a small set of punctuation and procedural signals as standardised sequences of short and long signals called ‘dots’ and ‘dashes,’ respectively.

Put your own Smiley on GLCD

The regular 16×2 LCD can display characters of only certain dimensions. A graphical LCD (GLCD), on the other hand, can display custom graphics. GLCDs are therefore highly suitable for mobile and industrial applications.

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